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The most indispensable piece of garment in a man’s wardrobe is a Classic White Shirt and so it has been since the Egyptian dynasty, 3000 BC.Read More
When gorgeous black and serene white come together fused in arty tessellations, what becomes of them is called Monochrome. A trend so bold and so chic that it draws all eyes like a magnet. A trend worth holding on to, that keeps coming back every season.Read More
Never out of trend, the milky pastels are an evergreen favourite among fashion and art fanatics. The soft yet bold pastel hues say much more than what meets the eye. The pastel medium was mentioned by prodigious Leonardo da Vinci, who learned of it from the French artist Jean Perréal after that artist's arrival in Milan in 1499. Pastel was sometimes used as a medium for preparatory studies by 16th-century artists, notably Federico Barocci. The first French artist to specialize in pastel portraits was Joseph Vivien.Read More
Ultra comfortable to wear in the summers, they look effortlessly cool when paired up with a trendy top and some interesting accessories. And now that the temperatures are falling you can opt to fashion them with a casual sweater or a printed sweatshirt or maybe a blazer for a more posh look.Read More

Cinderella’s story is all about the shoe in the end. A shoe with a spirit can bring character into the most uninspired ensemble. No outfit is complete until you have shoe to match its mood. As much as we would want it, we can’t Carrie-Bradshaw our way into life, seeking Nirvana in stacks of Manolo Blahniks. For the more worldly-wise who want the best return-on-investment, here is a guide to the 8 essential shoe styles a woman must have in her closet to make any outfit worth its while.


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If you have just started building your wardrobe, or are looking to prune it to basic necessities, this article is for you. We are brining to you a list of 5 shoes that are a must have for a well dressed man.Read More
Everybody loves to see a stiletto heel. Let's know more about it.Read More
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We bring to you the difference between the two most popular formal lace-up shoes.Hint: It's the lacing!Read More
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