Never out of trend, the milky pastels are an evergreen favourite among fashion and art fanatics. The soft yet bold pastel hues say much more than what meets the eye. The pastel medium was mentioned by prodigious Leonardo da Vinci, who learned of it from the French artist Jean Perréal after that artist's arrival in Milan in 1499. Pastel was sometimes used as a medium for preparatory studies by 16th-century artists, notably Federico Barocci. The first French artist to specialize in pastel portraits was Joseph Vivien. The medium was identified as the symbol of the jollity of the Ancient Regime and thus became extremely popular during the period of French impressionism. With such regal influences even a tinge of pastels adds class and grace to the simplest of clothing. From the caramel toffee chic to the mint ice cream dude, pastels go exceptionally well with formal and semi-casual wear. For a dainty and quaint look go short or long with thigh high cuts. To set up a fresh and delicate tone top up the look with floppy boater hats. Sources:,