The most indispensable piece of garment in a man’s wardrobe is a Classic White Shirt and so it has been since the Egyptian dynasty, 3000 BC. In today’s mutable modern world the honour that this piece of raiment commands is well vindicated by it’s trying past. Originated as an undergarment whose slightest exposure was considered denigrate, has been able to transform its image into something that has defined status, wealth, character, gender shifts and fashion norms for more than two hundred years. The dapper semblance of a white shirt comes from multitude of tiny details that collectively make it the most sought after garment. Not just the fabric but collar, cuffs, yoke, stitching, buttons, side seams, gussets, armholes, hemline, the works etc. are what sets it apart from usual offerings. Collars being most eye catching of all features vary from Wing, Windsor, Point, Button down, Band and Turtle-neck depending on the decreasing levels of formality of the occasion respectively. For a well-balanced guise of dependable masculinity or independent womanhood, a pure white shirt is what upholds the two with parallel scales. From power, status, opulence to integrity, diligence and incorruptibility , men and women enjoy the radiance of a crisp white shirt that goes exceptionally well with almost any complement! Source: