1. Black Oxfords/Derby

If you have to own just one pair of shoes, make it this one. It is a staple for every man’s closet. Does not matter what the occasion is, a black derby will always save the day for you. It’s smart, elegant and goes well with all colors and dressing styles. They will be your most used and versatile pair of shoes. Make sure that you are happy with the fit when you buy one.



2. Brown Brogues

Nothing says suave gentleman like a pair of Brown Brogues with full or minimal decoration. When you wear these, the world knows you mean business and you mean it in style. It will impress anyone you meet and is the perfect piece for that fancy party or the important work meeting that you have. It means you know the world and are about to conquer it. Who would not want to have that shoe in their wardrobe?


3. Desert Boots

These shoes define casual or smart in Men’s footwear. It’s just the right mix of formal and casual lying perfectly between the ultra causal sneakers and ultra formal brogues. It’s perfect for a day of outing with your beloved or for a men’s get together. These shoes look best with casual wear like a pair of jeans or colored chinos. Having this shoe in your collection will up your style game significantly.



4. Sneakers

For those days when you are feeling a little sporty or have to walk a lot or just want to try the hipster look, a cool sneaker will be your best friend. A stylish pair will make you feel energetic and young. It will also accentuate your cool factor when paired with jeans or cargo shorts. Not to mention your feet will love the support. Usually off-white sneakers go well with most outfits but it can be fun to be experimental with color.


5. Loafers

A laceless casual shoe with a separate sole, loafer gives you a timeless style. It is both casual and formal at the same time, or shall we say, formally casual. However, it is never a truly formal shoe. Avoid wearing it with a formal or business suit but with all other outfits, it will be golden. A loafer is easy to put on and exudes a classic charm. It can be used as a backup work shoe for regular, less formal workdays.