A Stiletto is a gorgeous, sleek and sexy shoe. If you are a woman, this heel is bound to be your favorite, regardless of how hard it is to wear. If you are a man, this is the type of heel you most like to see on women. But do you know where does this heel style come from?



A stiletto heel is a long, thin, high heel. It is named so after the Stiletto Dagger, which is long, pointy and slender. Talk about a killer heel!


The heel size can vary in length from 2.5 cm to 25 cm or 1 inch to 10 inches or more with a very small diameter at the ground, usually less than 1 cm. The original Italian style stiletto heel had a diameter less than 5 mm. A real stiletto heel has the stem of solid steel or alloy, much like the dagger.

Stiletto Heel Style has had a roller coaster history, coming in and going out of fashion. The earliest such shoes, where the heels were made of real solid steel came in prominence in late 1950s and stayed till 1960s. The style faded after that to but made a comeback again from mid-1970s and subsequently flamed out completely in 1990s. However, again in 2000s, it made a major comeback with women preferring slender footwear. Nowadays, it is the footwear of choice for parties as well as work. There is a tremendous variety to choose from in all colors, shapes and sizes.

A stiletto with its slender and sharp features conveys an image of femme fatale and is seductive to look at. It postures the wearer in a sexy way giving the illusion of longer, slimmer leg and an overall greater height.

However, when you wear a stiletto, you cannot let go of caution. It’s best to avoid soft surfaces like mud, grass etc to walk on and ensure that you get to sit often. While they enhance the beauty, they also put much pressure on your feet. So, give your feet a massage after you have been about wearing your stilettos.